Daniela Vuletich

My name is Daniela Vuletich. I’m ten years old, and my nana Earlyn charged me the full price to sign-up for her four-part series webinar, “How to build your empire from the comfort of your home.” At first, I didn’t understand, but she explained if you want something to make a difference in your life you have to invest. So my mom paid, and I showed up when I did not have chemotherapy treatments and was feeling well. I opened @Dannifoodiediner, and I have my blog, IGTV and YouTube channel. I learned everything about branding online and how to a Savvy Business Babe. I love food, and I’m really artsy and like to make things. I’m going to kick cancer in the butt, grow up and become a world-renowned chef. That’s just one of my dreams! My passion is to play tennis professionally. That halted, the same day my nana was going to invest in private lessons for my tennis. I found out I had leukemia. My wish is to meet Serena Williams one day! But for now, I’m building my business and my brand. My nana training is the best, and I’m not biased. Remember, she made me pay!

Daniela Vuletich.

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