Charmaine Adams

Like many of us who were trying to navigate our way through the pandemic, life changed.  During this period, we had time to sit and reflect on our lives and where we would go from here. Then came along Earlyn Sharpe and Savvy Busines Babes, a training course to empower women and provide them with the necessary tools to start their businesses from home.  I have always wanted to test the waters with my baking of Caribbean cakes, etc., and decided to take the course.  This course has taught me the steps I need to follow to make this dream a reality.  In addition to the course content and Earlyn’s motivation, being part of a group of positive-thinking women has given me the drive and motivation to attain my goal of being a “femtrepreneur” (Earlyn’s  term).  I would strongly recommend this course to any woman looking into starting her own business because I am!!!.

Charmaine Adams, Charm’s Sweet Delights

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