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At Sharpe4life Academy, you’ll find the Masterclass Courses, Mastermind for Business Owners, Coaching Programs and Flagship courses that would help you to grow and scale your business from underperforming to breaking profits online.

If you have an idea, passion, knowledge, expertise or a side hustle and is struggling to turn it into a successful business on or offline.  My programs will be the difference maker and what you need to turn your dream into concrete goals that delivers the outcomes that you desire. Which is a successful business that will stand the test of time.

By the end of each course, my goal is to provide you with an actionable plan and the resources that you need to start, launch, build, grow or scale your business.

How to ignite the fire within you in this time of uncertainty to propel you forward to start and launch your business successfully.

How to keep working hard and planning even in the face of adversity to strategically marketing you and your brand online to gain a profitable market share within your niche?

How can you be different, especially in a crowded niche, stand out to gain the ideal clients for your business, and maximize your profit margin?

Sounds exciting! That’s because it is! Sign up for one of my programs and achieve the success that you deserve without delay.



Daniela Vuletich

My name is Daniela Vuletich. I’m ten years old, and my nana Earlyn charged me the full price to sign-up for her four-part series webinar, “How to build your empire from the comfort of your home.” At first, I didn’t understand, but she explained if you want something to make a difference in your life you have to invest. So my mom paid, and I showed up when I did not have chemotherapy treatments and was feeling well. I opened @Dannifoodiediner, and I have my blog, IGTV and YouTube channel. I learned everything about branding online and how to a Savvy Business Babe. I love food, and I’m really artsy and like to make things. I’m going to kick cancer in the butt, grow up and become a world-renowned chef. That’s just one of my dreams! My passion is to play tennis professionally. That halted, the same day my nana was going to invest in private lessons for my tennis. I found out I had leukemia. My wish is to meet Serena Williams one day! But for now, I’m building my business and my brand. My nana training is the best, and I’m not biased. Remember, she made me pay!

Daniela Vuletich.

Charmaine Adams

Like many of us who were trying to navigate our way through the pandemic, life changed.  During this period, we had time to sit and reflect on our lives and where we would go from here. Then came along Earlyn Sharpe and Savvy Busines Babes, a training course to empower women and provide them with the necessary tools to start their businesses from home.  I have always wanted to test the waters with my baking of Caribbean cakes, etc., and decided to take the course.  This course has taught me the steps I need to follow to make this dream a reality.  In addition to the course content and Earlyn’s motivation, being part of a group of positive-thinking women has given me the drive and motivation to attain my goal of being a “femtrepreneur” (Earlyn’s  term).  I would strongly recommend this course to any woman looking into starting her own business because I am!!!.

Charmaine Adams, Charm’s Sweet Delights

Carol Beaudoin

“Excellent teacher/mentor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. Earlyn never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats us all equally. Her enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on her students and students become more attentive and active in class. [I want] to contribute more and learn more under her guidance.” Earlyn changed my whole life, and for that I am internally grateful. Looking forward to taking more classes with Earlyn Sharpe.

Sofia Vuletich

I’m a mom of three and decided to register for the webinar series because I want to start my business for 2021. This training was phenomenal and equipped me with resources and strategies to build my business on and offline. Earlyn over-delivered by providing numerous resources, support, and plans to start and successfully launch my business in 30 days. By the end of the program, I built my blog, website, YouTube channel, IGTV, and Facebook group for moms. I’m now in the process of growing my Mompreneur Online business thanks to this webinar training that was the roadmap to me starting and launching my business.

Sofia Vuletich – @BySofiaV

Malisa Chateram

I started my business eighteen months before I signed up for Earlyn Sharpe’s “7 DAY DO YOU CHALLENGE I learned so much in seven days I was so excited to register for “How to build your empire from the comfort of your home.” This 30-day webinar was a game-changer for me and my business. The training opened my eyes to expand my circle of influence by gaining proximity to like-minded people of power in my market niche. Before this webinar series, I was stagnant, and now I am energized, goal-oriented, and so excited about growing my business. Early pushes you to do better, and this training was the push that I needed for NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS!

Malisa Chateram– Plexus

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