Motivational Mondays

On Motivational Monday Live, my goal is to inspire you by giving you the right dose of information to set up your week to overcome any obstacle and turn it into an opportunity. I believe that if women are armed with the right set of resources, tools, mindset, and support, we are unstoppable trailblazers. Women need to have a safe place where they can ask questions, get the right answers, and never be afraid to try new things or fail because we know that there is no success without failure. 

On Motivational Monday Live, you are encouraged to try, you are encouraged to fail, but you are never encouraged to fail to try. Join our Sharpe Women Facebook group and show up every Monday@ 10.00 am for our 30minutes segment. Your week will never be the same; this is my promise to you! Like most women, you’ve been through storms and have made your fair share of mistakes in the past. You know what it is like to be on the outside looking in with very little hope. You decided now is the time to move forward and join a community that truly supports you and your vision for the future. 

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