How To Set Goals Post Pandemic 2022?
Do What You Love and Make Money Doing It! Many of us …
We Made It!
Sharpe4life is a daily women empowerment business and lifestyle site founded by …

Although 2020 was initially met with such words of hope globally. This year quickly flipped the script on the world in areas that will stretch us to grow and reinvent ourselves or break us at the core; there is no middle. Sharpe4Llife kick-started in an era of uncertainty that commands us to operate from a place of curiosity and courage. Coupled with resilience and perseverance to withstand the test of time, we women must be consistent in our approach to things that lead to success that proves that we are more than survivors are. We are SHARPE.

We start hard but essential conversations on our blogs, crack open prohibitions, break down the walls of social injustices, and make connections that lead to a healthy lifestyle and valuable relationships. We don’t mind being the buffer that absorbs the shock that was meant for you —in short, and we got your back, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s hear it for the Women! We’re so glad you’re here.

To every SHARPE WOMAN or GIRL—My promise to you is to remain curious, open-minded, consistent, and service-centric to the work we do. We ask questions about all of it. We believe that women can take what serves them and leave what doesn’t. We recommend what we love and what we think is worthy of your time, effort, and wallet. We value You! And Your trust, above all things.

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