How To Set Goals Post Pandemic 2022?

Do What You Love and Make Money Doing It!

Many of us were looking forward to the twin year 2020. Oprah announced her 2020 Vision tour, and most industries were booming. Life for most was good. Or so we taught. That was until the Covid-19 pandemic strike and the world as we knew it stopped turning as major media outlets and social media platforms reported the vast level of uncertainty. The tragic story of George Floyd dominated the news headlines as time stood still with no sports, no events, no distractions, and people worldwide were forced to watch and acknowledge the African American horror story playing out in real-time. “I remember!”

Fast forward to life at home. Many people scrambled for toilet paper because they were afraid there was going to be a shortage. They panicked in fear of not being able to clean their bums! Think about that for a moment. Do you feel the fear? Now, this is an excellent problem to have. I think???

They were locked down, not free to leave their home and socialize, creating a vacuum of loneliness. While some were less severe, others had a challenging time, which allowed them to think and reflect on their state of affairs. Covid-19 pulled back the curtain and exposed wealth disparity amongst communities of color and lack of opportunities to create real change. Instead of feeling stuck, it’s a time of reckoning. After all, it’s a time to recognize that you have nothing to lose because all is already lost if you keep doing the same things that will not improve your life rapidly. We’re all in the same storm. But we definitely’ have different boats. If I’m going to keep it real with you, some of us don’t even have a boat. It’s time to change that story. It’s time to start setting goals and planning for 2022. You have no excuse so let’s start today with these simple steps.

Step 1 Reassess Your Priorities

One major takeaway from the Covid-19 pandemic is nothing is secure, especially if you have a job. Now, I understand that many businesses have to pivot and recalibrate to survive, and many did not. But if you had to choose, would you choose the job or business owner? When the dust settles, who is in a better position and has opportunities to make a feasible decision. Here is when you have to recognize there are good problems and then there are PROBLEMS! Take a minute and reassess your life. Journal what the last fifteen months looked like for you. Take a journal and make three columns, one for each month beginning March 2020- May 2021. In the First column, record: What went well: Second column: What did not? Third column: What needs to change? Think health, wealth, and relationships, the three major groups that affect our happiness, mental health, and well-being.

Step 2 Remove Fear

Now that you know there is nothing to fear because we are more than survivors, we can get through anything, even a pandemic. How about thinking about what you really want for your life. That “One Thing” that you think you’ll never achieve. The “One Thing” that you may not tell your friends about because you don’t want to be judged. Take a minute and set your ultimate goal. Begin like this: I want………………………………

Take this goal and break it down into smaller goals. Make them concise and doable in a timely fashion.

Step 3 Recalculate Your Timeline

Before the pandemic, many of us were asleep at the wheel while others had on blinders. Our realities were in plain sight, yet we believed the lie. Work hard for a minimal salary to be deposited into your account. It disappears, but it’s not magic because your unpaid bills are a constant reminder that filter into the next month. And the story continues, but it does not have to for you. You have the power to change your story. The good news is you already know what it’s like to work hard. The discovery and joy in store for you is now you can do it for yourself. Recalculate your timeline by revaluating your priorities and making room for what makes you happy. Think about doing what you love and making money with it by being your own boss.

Step 4 Map Your Action Plan

Words without an action plan are only a dream. When you create a plan with resources, timeline, accountability, and processes, your dream becomes your reality because you’re now ready to take action. When you map out your action steps, it becomes more apparent when you step in and make adjustments and keep moving forward. Remember, the map is not the destination it the vehicle to get you there.

Step 5 Your Bonus Revaluate and Access Your Progress

Within your timeline, be consistent with re-evaluating your progress and adjusting to accommodate challenges to turn them into opportunities to your advantage and benefit. Remember, challenges will arise, which is a teaching and learning opportunity for you to learn, grow and conquer. Let’s do it! Time to Reset! And Set and execute your goals for 2022.

How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Full-Time Gig?

Many of us were caught off guard when most of the world shutdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 that we are currently facing and left us struggling to survive amid this pandemic. If you recall, for most of us, our parents told us to get a job and hold onto that job so that we can provide for our family. If you were part of that tutorship, you did exactly that, thinking that you’re guaranteed employment because you’re a committed worker. Now, you found out that that was a lie! Your parents did not lie to you. They shared what they were taught as facts to them. Guess what? They were lied to and shared that lie with us. Let us STOP the LIE today and move away FROM being WORKERS to EMPLOYERS. You can begin with turning your side hustle into your full-time gig.

How do you turn your side hustle into your full-time gig? I’ll teach you how to begin by implementing these 7 SIMPLE STEPS

  1. Do a personal and professional SWOT ANALYSIS- You need to establish what are your Strengths. Make a factual list of the things you are good at and enjoy doing to earn your income. Take an in-depth look at your knowledge, experience, training, education, and skillset. Ask yourself, is there a need that I can fulfill in today’s market? Weakness-what do I need to improve on to make this project better? Is it additional training, resources, skillset? Opportunities– what are the opportunities that I can leverage? Threats– what are the threats that I must be aware of moving forward? How can I turn these threats into trophies of accomplishments? What do I need to do? When you complete your personal SWOT analysis, create a professional SWOT analysis for the side hustle you want to turn into a full-time profitable business.
  • With the information from your SWOT Analysis, create a one-page business plan. In this plan, you must establish your product or service, market niche, price point, Avatar, the ideal customer that you’ll be servicing with your products and services, and then you need to investigate where they hang out. How will you find them to pitch your business to them? Why should they buy from you? What makes you stand out on the crowded highway, AKA internet?
  • Now, no one makes it alone in business. We all need support. You need people within your inner circle that are like-minded. People that support your vision. Now let me be clear that you don’t need yes people who are there for the paycheque or dream crushers without any valid reasons. The ones who will tell you they just feel that you’re going down the wrong path. They have no concrete facts. It’s just their belief. I’m sure you’ve encountered one or two of them along your life journey. If you’re trying to move forward, you need people that will challenge your vision by asking the right questions to make you think bigger and, more precisely, holding you accountable to your plan. (Tip: If you need additional help try Fiverr, for professional business services.)
  • You can’t start a business without money. You need to establish a budget for your business. What would it cost to set up and manage your business within your budget identity for the first six months? This will inform you of the type of funding your business venture requires. However, to turn your side hustle into a full-time business, take a minute to evaluate what you’ll be giving up and how you can replace them as a Femtrepreneur. Money management is key to managing a successful business, so you’ll need to know your company’s day-to-day operation.
  • What are you known for? Branding is essential to business in today’s digital world—your brand ties back to your market niche and how you’re the difference maker to your Avatar. It is also vital that you develop a growth mindset from the business’s onset to keep evolving to your brand’s next level. When you build trust with your clients, you want to be always ahead of the curve, meeting their needs and wants. A happy client contributes to your company’s bottom line, and an unhappy client tells you what you need to be doing. Pay attention to both.
  • I touched on this earlier, and it’s worth reinforcing because it is essential to your growth.  Surround yourself with smart, like-minded people. Gain proximity to people who have made it in your industry so that you can learn from them and work on earning bigger and better. A great plan without opportunity leads to failure. Create opportunities with your inner circle’s help to propel the NEXT LEVEL to turn your side hustle into your full-time gig! Get an accountability partner to help you move forward.
  • This is so crucial that I left the best for last. REST. Take time out for yourself to rest your mind, body, and spirit. Starting your business is a lot of work. You will enjoy every minute of it because it’s your passion, and you’re doing it for yourself. However, when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you can lose yourself in work, and before you know it, you’re pushing sixteen hours shifts per day. You can burn the candle at both ends for a while, but it catches up with you. And yes, I’m speaking from experience. So take my advice and pencil in some ME TIME for yourself. It will give you clarity that helps with your vision for growth and scaling your business.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you lots of luck on this incredible journey that you’re on or about to embark upon. Becoming a Femtrepreneur and being your own boss is an exhilarating experience. Now it is hard work and all of the hard work you’ll be putting into securing your future, and only you can do that best. When you invest in yourself, the rewards are endless. As you grow, you’ll reap the rewards of your labor.

Best Top Tip:  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at, and I’ll be so happy to correspond with you. In the meantime, keep building that empire!

Take A Chance On You! Think Differently! By Trying These 3 Simple Steps

Ladies, you know the saying, “When life serves you lemons, make lemonade.” In your moment of despair and hopelessness, this may even sound cliché to you. Here’s the thing, ‘You did not ask for lemons, nor do you want them because you don’t like lemons.’ So why the heck are you being encouraged to make lemonade? A question that we often ask ourselves quietly or out loud when the pressure becomes too much, and you feel like you’re losing grip of your reality.

Take A Chance On You!

My lady, we’ve all been where you are right now, and although it may seem like you don’t have a choice. I’m here to tell you that you do. As cliché as it may sound, slice up that hand of lemons you’ve been served and make the best lemonade on the market in these simple 3 steps. Are you ready???

1st Answer the magic question. What do you want?

Take a minute and answer this question clearly by stating what it is that you want. Although life happened to you.  The situation you are currently facing does not stop you from moving forward with your dreams and goals. Think of your circumstances that you just need a minute to regroup and regain your composure. You got this! Maybe you’re at crossroads, and you need to look at your situation through a different lens. Figure out how this roadblock can add to your destination map of success. Use what’s standing in your way to propel you forward instead of throwing you entirely off course. Think differently!

2nd Make an itemized list in chronological of what you need to get what you want.

Time to get a journal and make an itemized list of what you need to turn your situation around. Maybe you’re at a pitstop, and you need to make a detour that may take a little more time but think of the lessons and all of the nuggets you’ll pick up along the way. Imagine the resources you need to be resourceful in creating multiple streams of income. Think of the essential strategies you need to implement into your life, increasing your emotional fitness and mental health to strengthen your relationships professionally and personally. Think Differently!

3rd Apply massive action steps to get you what you want timely.

Now that you have a plan and vision of where you are and what needs to be done to move you forward, apply massive to make it happen. Remember, these are distractions. They come in the form of roadblocks, obstacles, ah… gate-keepers, haters… to stand in your way by distracting you from getting what’s yours. They’re doing their job.  So you do yours by keeping your eyes on the prize and looking beyond your distractions.  My mom always said, “empty barrels make the most noise.” So rise above the noise like the eagle and soar high. Own your purpose and make it happen for you. Remember, “it’s now how you start but how you finish is what really counts.” Finish on a high note above all of the noise.  Think differently!  When life serves you, lemons make lemonade!

We Made It!

We made it! With 2021 just days away, we here at Sharpe4life International took an honest look at how our services could better serve you. During this unprecedented time, we’re always striving to improve and innovate how you lead the best life by creating the lifestyle you deserve. At the end of what’s been an incredibly challenging year, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

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I’m proud to have helped many women with professional development connect virtually by taking their business online.  To continue learning when schools were closed one challenge at a time, building lasting relationships through the Sharpe Women Platform, providing resources and leads through Sharpe4life blog and website, connect with family, friends, and supporters every Monday on Motivational Monday. From the launch on July 12th, 2020, I’ve released more than 30 Live Motivational Mondays segments. Here are a few of our significant accomplishments from 2020:

Motivational Mondays: Bring best-of-30 minutes motivation directly to you via Sharpe Women Facebook group where women support women’s dreams and ambition.

7 Day Do You Challenge: Femtrepreneurs got together and figured out their next steps during the pandemic creating a trailblazing plan to build and grow their business online.

How To Build Your Empire From The Comfort Of Your Home: An immersive business program to help femtrepreneurs build and grow their business from their home.

60 Day Success Challenge: Unforgettable webinar experience with like-minded business professionals.

Webinar Fete: Host business webinars to inform and develop your business with like-minded femtrepreneurs.

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Starting Over For 2021 Hopefully Post-Pandemic!

When faced with the decision to start over for 2021, hopefully post-pandemic, many have not taken this decision lightly. For some of us, we get into a place of regret and others denial. Mainly because we see starting over as failure, and no one wants to be a failure. Consequently, failure is part of life. If you don’t experience loss at some point in your life, greatness is escaping you. So remember, to be great at anything, you have to fail a few times. If you don’t believe me do your research on the ten most successful women in the world and read their stories. Then note how many times they have failed, yet they kept moving forward and lived to tell the story of failure being a bitter pill to swallow, which kills the parasites intended to compromise your success. An unknown fact, but the truth revealed to you if you “hung in there” to see it through. But first, you have to swallow the bitter pill.

Starting over 2021 post-pandemic may not be a walk in the park. Especially if you’re dealing with a failed relationship, and you’ve swallowed the bitter pill. What are your takeaways moving forward? Sit with that for a moment and let itmarinate. I have the most remarkable faith and confidence in you to map out what went well and the areas you need to work on to have that loving relationship you deserve. You may have to start over from scratch, where you cut ties with the person, friends,  and that inner circle environment—stepping It Up!  

It is also possible that you have had more or less severe problems in your life, and now you want to start again doing a clean slate, with a new story where your past does not judge you. Maybe living through lockdown and COVID-19 give you a different perspective on life. You never thought that you would live through a global pandemic and witness the world shutdown creating a global economic crisis leading up to many hardships for the world’s citizens. Yet here you are with the opportunity to take your experience and cultivate a new beginning for you and your family. These hardships are what I refer to as turning obstacles into opportunitiesstepping It Up!

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Starting From Scratch Is Possible

To start over is feared by many, yet we do it daily. You get up every morning and begin a new day. You start over. It is not a continuation of Sunday into Monday and Tuesday into Wednesday and so on. It’s a New Day! Now, you may choose to pick up where you left off. That’s called a routine. But in today’s world, practices are subjected to disruptions. If you disagree with me, I’ll take this time to remind you of I believe it’s March 15th, 2020, when the ultimate disruption occurred in our lifetime. The clock kept turning as many countries around the world shutdown to fight off COVID-19.

What we once knew as “normal” snatched away from us before our very eyes, and there was absolutely nothing we can do about it to stop what was taking place. There went your routine! There were panic and confusion, but there was also calm. People began to pivot in another direction to make the best out of a very trying time—disrupting the status quo for our very survival. Let’s start over from scratch if we have to without fear. Remember, starting over from scratch does not mean that you’re starting over from ZERO. Life experiences equipped you with resources, skill-set, knowledge, supports, and the mindset to go the extra mile and get what’s yours. It will take a while and hard work, but you’re ready for the challenge because you’re more than a survivor. You’re a conqueror that thrives in the face of adversity—stepping It Up!

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2021 Essentials For You In 7 Simple Steps

1. Starting Something New

Studying something new or starting a new job or business is very exciting for the new year. Imagine you strategizing now to make it happen for you very shortly put you ahead of the curve. Maybe you always wanted to learn a trade or add a new language to the repertoire of skills you already have, sharpening your angles and giving the edge. Think of you meeting new people virtually or in-person killing two birds with one stone may also add flavor to your personal life if this one of your intentions in moving forward.

If you’re working from home and realized that you need to create a side hustle for extra income, there is no time like the present. You can opt for something that fulfills you instead of your nine to five that now saves you from the hectic commute because your office is now your kitchen table. Let us flip the switch and create some much-deserved magic in your life. It will take hard work and due diligence on your part, but the rewards are worth it and, therefore, very encouraging. On your life path, you will determine the level of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity, which equals to HAPPINESS is a fantastic final destination in your GPS to your life path—stepping It Up!

2. Cancel Roadblock Contacts

One of the difficult things about starting over is the cleanup. Yes, I said it! It’s about getting rid of people that do not serve you, but you continuously go above and beyond to meet their needs and then some. Are you tired of the negative comments that bring you down and at times make you doubt yourself? Do what I did, and I could not be happier. Take your phone, go to the contact folder select delete or block. You have the power to select what will serve you best. Now you made room for new like-minded people to enter into your space—stepping It Up!

3. Create A New You

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most beautiful of them all? You’re looking at her, and she takes your breath away. So show her a little kindness and take excellent care of her. Go a little further and create a better version of yourself by reinventing you. Let’s start with your wardrobe. When was the last time you did a bit of spring cleaning? Start today! Get rid of clothing that you’re not wearing or pieces that are now vintage and hold no interest for you. Make room for the new you. Before you go shopping, cultivate the look you’re going for by doing a little research. Check out hair color and styles for your face structure, eyebrow shapes, make-up products, and application, plus mani and pedicure services. Now that you got that covered, time to make a realistic budget and do a little shopping and self-care—stepping It Up!

4. Start Building Your presence Online

As you are aware, everyone and everything is online. Right? So if you’re looking for love, friendship, starting or building a business, career opportunities, networking, and connecting with friends and family, that action takes place online. So let me check in with you and ask you this question. Are you online? Is your online presence a great reflection of your personal and professional life? Remember, you’re starting over. It’s an excellent idea to first layout the story that you want your profile and pages to tell, then get to work on cleaning up all of your social media accounts and building your personal brand online. Tell your story by posting beautiful photos, quotes, tips, and tricks aligned with the new you. If you’re not sure how to do this, enlist the help of a professional. You are your brand, and your brand is you—stepping It Up!

5. Start a Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine

Health is wealth, and exercise is essential. This routine is what I refer to as a beautiful marriage, where we are all guilty of breaking our vows because of a lack of commitment. I am guilty as charged of these misdemeanors that can become life-threatening and result in a dissolution of the union should I choose not to redeem myself. So I’ll share with you that I have taken the leap, and I commit myself to a healthy diet and exercise routine that is now my lifestyle.

It is essential to keep things simple when you have a hectic schedule. So here is what I’ve done. My workout routine is five days for the week, doing combined thirty-minute cardio and weight training exercises in the comfort of my home. The diet that I’m following is the Mediterranean diet, and I love it. Now it’s your turn. Take a pen and notepad or your smart device and list what you believe is best for you—stepping It Up!

6. Build an Indestructible Mindset

We have experienced a year like no other 2020 has either made you or broke you. Or maybe both. Whatever your situation is, if you’re reading this blog, you have every intention of changing it for the better post-pandemic 2021 moving forward. In life, during trying times, it’s easy to see the glass half empty instead of half full. You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. We all have them. But it’s essential to focus on your strengths and keep positive, especially in trying times. To help you with your mindset, a coach will be a great asset to you.

On the other hand, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Now what I’m going to share with you is not for the weak at heart. Let me be the first to tell you that this is not for everybody, and that’s okay. Here we go—if you want to build your Health, Wealth, Prosperity=HAPPINESS, you will need to let go of people that don’t make you better. The tricky part of this is most of them are in your current inner circle, and you have a beautiful yet unhealthy relationship with them that compromises you and your goals —Ouch! If you’re uncomfortable, it’s a great sign—stepping It Up!

7. Find Your Sweet Spot |Take The Plunge!

Some people have trouble finding their Sweet Spot. To target high power training and execution for an extended period with intensity is very difficult for anyone. Yet some succeed and tell the story of triumph, and others give up and tell their story of how hard it was. Having an unbeatable mindset creates a shift in our thinking, which allows us to embrace our limitless possibilities without fear of failing in search of your Sweet Spot.

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The Right to Protect My Rights, Your Rights, Our Women’s Rights in This Unprecedented Time!

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Author: Earlyn Sharpe

Women’s rights are human rights. Historically the fight for social reform for women’s rights shaped by countless determined women who worked tirelessly to educate and fight for gender equality and human rights for women in Canada and other parts of the world. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic created a situation of general distress. Although the focus has been initially more on physical health during the pandemic, mental health concerns linked to the lockdown have quickly risen.

During humanitarian crises such as wars, natural disasters, or epidemics, violence expands mainly to the most vulnerable groups’ detriment. Consequently, violence against women reportedly increased significantly during the lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown can trigger the onset of anxiety disorders. Allegedly, women who had experienced abuse before the lockdown were at an increased risk of violence during the lockdown.

The decision to lockdown caused a significant change in Canadians’ everyday lives and on the global stage, as reported by various news networks. We once enjoyed being free to travel and move around is now met with movement restrictions. The suspension of work and studies, homeschooling while working at home, prolonged and forced contact between family members, reduced entertainment, boredom, loss of contact with wider social circles, and economic difficulties are extreme hardships that most of us are experiencing during the pandemic and lockdown periods.

These factors might have led to the COVID-19 pandemic turning into a psychosocial crisis and being a primary physical health concern. Violence against women is a public health problem worldwide and a violation of human rights.

As a society, how do we stop this vicious cycle of abuse and betrayal that has plagued women for centuries?

As I look in the rear-view mirror at an intricate part of Canadian history, so many women have gone before us and fight the great fight making remarkable gains that benefit us today. These women championed several critical human rights issues that have become core values globally. Here in Canada, dating back to the early 1900, (Women’s Rights, 2017) defining “persons” under the British North America Act, 1867. These women, known as “The Famous Five, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, and Irene Parlby, were Canadian human rights defenders fighting for the rights of women here in Canada.

They petitioned the government in 1928 to ask the Supreme Court of Canada to decide whether “persons” in the Act included women. The Supreme Court decided that it did not. An appeal to the Privy Council was launched, and in 1929, the Council decided the word “person” in itself was not clear and would be better understood if the British North America Act was given a wider interpretation.” Therefore, if the law was to exclude women, specifically, it should have been clearly stated in the Act. From this point on, women were considered “persons” under the law.”

The struggle moving forward continues as more movements join the fight for women’s rights globally. The Me Too movement was instrumental in pulling back the curtain and revealing the many injustices women are experiencing at work because of their gender. How could this be right and still prevalent in today’s society? We live in a patriarchal society, and women are the underdogs, for lack of a better term. Although, “The Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 states that all Canadians have the right to equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and an environment free of discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, marital status, and family status.” As women, we still have a long way to achieve equality in the workplace and society.

There is a lot of work ahead of us to achieve change that leads to the equality we are fighting for daily. Every one of us has a role to play in accomplishing what is rightfully ours. We need to continually call on our leaders while we do our part to raise awareness of the many injustices women face. Whether we are fighting for equal pay or stopping violence against women, we’re on the same team. We are Stepping It Up!

My biggest takeaway is knowing that women worldwide can stand in unity and fight for our equality, knowing that women’s rights are human rights. What’s yours? Let’s Step It Up!


Heritage, C. (2017, October 25). Government of Canada. Retrieved December 1, 2020, from

Replace Your New Years Resolutions For 2021 And Onwards With This…

Author: Earlyn Sharpe

I believe it was December 2013 that my friend Brenda invited me to appear with her on the Breakfast Television morning show to discuss New Year’s Resolutions’ hot topic and why so many of us break them in fifteen days or less. It was such an exciting time getting ready for my first appearance on national TV with such an exciting topic during the Christmas season filled with joy for many. Others looked in the rearview mirror and were consumed with disappointment as the year 2013 bid them farewell to prepare for 2014. In these moments of trying to feel better most people make illusive plans that we call RESOLUTIONS, the quick fix that we share with our friends and family no later than December 31st unless someone pops the question to us a little later.

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Many join in on the New Year’s Resolutions delusions and convince themselves that they would lose weight and get fit because they are very serious when they even sign up for a gym membership and they’re on their grind for the first two weeks and then BOOM!!!! They Quit! I’m guilty of this one. The list of News Year’s Resolutions extends to quitting smoking, eating healthier, spending more time with the family, save more and spend less, read more books, change jobs, find a new mate. The list goes on and on… and we quit, quit, quit until December comes around again and start the ritual all over again. This action becomes our annual ritual that most of us are willing participants. Well, 2020 changed the landscape for all of us globally, and if you did not commit to your 2020 resolutions, everyone gets grace this year because of COVID- 19.

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Consequently, COVID- 19 has pulled back the curtain and exposed so many things that are not moving our life forward. It has also informed us of how fragile and beautiful life is and why our energies need to work for us and not against us. With this revelation, let’s CANCEL NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! And REPLACE it with YOUR LIFE PATH.





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The year 2020 is one for the history books. Did you ever think that you would live through a pandemic, wearing cloth face-covering hiding from an invisible enemy? Are you still in shock as you navigate through this unprecedented time? For sure, we are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. While many are struggling to make ends meet, many are doing exponentially well, profiting from this pandemic. Have you asked the simple question HOW? How can one benefit from hardship? It’s simple- these individuals don’t make RESOLUTIONS. To BREAK THEM, they make PLANS TO BUILD THEIR EMPIRE.

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When you have a living plan that encompasses your dreams, goals, and desires built on the premise of you taking massive action, you can pivot from a state of despair to deliverance. How? Because you have the resources, tools, and required skillset that you invested in you for trying times. You also developed ACCESS over the years through your community and networking with like-minded people that help to move you forward. I’m not saying that it’s easy in times of crisis. It never is but do you want to be the one who perished because you did not have a Living PLAN or the one who survived to THRIVE and tell the Story of how hard it was but against the odds, you came out on top.

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Ladies, 2021 is upon us in thirty-one days. I have to ask you this question. Do you have a living plan? If the answer to this question is NO, or you do have a plan and are not sure that it is stable. I invite you to subscribe to my blog, and for the next four weeks, you will receive FREE information that would change your life for 2021 moving forward. You’ll receive directly in your inbox for the next five weeks when posting my blogs on the following topics: the GAME CHANGER for 2021.

December 1st Starting Over

December 7th It’s All About Intentions.

December 14th Reach and Research it.

December 21st Access Granted.

December 28th Ready! Set! Action Plan

We canceled NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS because Femtrepreneurs are MASTER PLANNERS that lead the way in making it happen.

It’s about Health, Wealth, Prosperity=Happiness For 2021 It does not matter if we’re in a pandemic. We Femtrepreneurs are required to live our Best Life. Let’s do it! Ready??? Sign up for my blog today!

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The Five Habits of Financially Successful Women

Written by Earlyn Sharpe

In this unprecedented time many of us are very uncertain of what the future holds. At the end of 2019, folks could not wait to usher in the twin year of 2020, which was met with extreme hardships for many. Turning on the television for many was no longer for entertainment, but information and new updates as the world shut down for the first time in our history.

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The Covid-19 virus took away what we knew as normal as most of us adorn ourselves with face covering to keep one another safe. We wonder what our next steps were. For many, mental health and money is the balance that they are trying to maintain. So how do financially successful women achieve or maintain their finances in a time of uncertainty? What habits do they employ to emerge victorious after the pandemic?

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Good financial habits are essential to achieve long-term investment success and a sound monetary plan. In this unprecedented time, you must, at least, learn to develop basic financial principles to manage your money better and save more. You may not have substantial funds to invest nor a budget to afford you certain privileges, but only by establishing the habit of taking care of your finances will you be able to turn your situation around. A great place to start is by implementing these five habits of financially successful women.

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  1. Create a plan and a schedule. Set up your short-term and long-term goals and determine when you should put money in them. Prioritizing is essential, so you will have an idea of the amount required to accomplish each goal. The schedule will serve as your guide to mark when you’re supposed to invest, spend, and save. Short-term goals will probably require a weekly schedule, while long-term ones should be made by months or years. You may be asking yourself if you should be budgeting, investing and planning in a pandemic. My answer to you is absolutely!
  2. Keep track of your paperwork. Organize your financial documents for future reference to determine how you can minimize costs and expenses. Review each statement to ensure correct amounts and try to see where you’re falling behind. Annual statements are like summaries of all your past reports so that you may dispose of outdated files.
  3. Allocate your resources properly. This not only goes for investing but also in every financial aspect, whether for manpower, assets, or labor. Diversifying your resources is an excellent strategy to spread the risk and opportunity, and with a little research, you just might be able to outweigh the dangers. Set aside a certain amount to pay your bills in advance, but leave some for small investments or emergencies.
  4. Update and stay informed. As you are now aware that life can change in seconds, and so can the market. So it would help if you always stayed on top of all the commotion. Read articles and business journals to update yourself with prices and trends. Try to be flexible; because this is important for you to adapt to the constant changes quickly. Review and balance your portfolio according to the needs of the current market.
  5. Protect yourself. Always leave an amount for your own wishes. It does not mean that you spend on material things, but you take full advantage of your privileges through plans or retirement savings. Get an insurance health policy if you may, as this can significantly reduce your overall cost in the long-term.
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Many make the wrong move of investing too quickly, spending on impulse, or saving too little. You can maximize your finances so that all your investments are well-maintained, your budget on spending is satisfactory, and your savings are prepared for emergencies or untimely operations.

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With these steps, you hopefully will develop good financial habits to stay focused on your goals. The road to financial success will always have its highs and lows, but now that you have the knowledge and skills to protect and invest your money, you’re most likely to stay on course. Determination is every successful person who invests in the market to remain prepared for major market shifts and life events.


Market Your Mask In 5 Easy Steps

Author: Earlyn Sharpe

What started as a reluctant but vital trip due to this unprecedented time into the city of Montreal’s with my cousin Cavelle quickly turned into a meeting of the minds and a business opportunity to brand yourself on and offline. Now I know that you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, so let me give you the background of this story with all of the plots twist and turns. This story is so exciting!!!!

Although it is still summer, we can feel the autumn chill in the summer breeze nipping against our necks as we hustle against the wind to our desired destination. We both ran to the car and jumped in like the chickens we are when it comes to the winter frost of this cold city that these island girls now call home.  The heat is blasting on the seats and in the car as we proceed to downtown Montreal, chuckling away at life, the time of uncertainty that Covid-19 disheveled our normal, leaving us to figure it out. Before you know it, we were at our destination, and as I got ready to exit the parked car, Cavelle said, these words that always make me very quiet. To add to this, Cavelle tone in her voice was very upbeat and vibrant, which is a clear indicator that she is up to no good, and she uttered these words, “I have a surprise for you, you got to close your eyes, Earlyn” My response was, “Seriously???” You know I hate surprises, what are you doing… no really?? Now I really wanted to wipe that smirk off of her face, but I had no choice but to suck it up and play along. Check out what took place in the video below!!!

My Surprise from my Cousin Cavell Nell Romeo- I dedicate this blog to her! Thank you cuz!!!!!

I posted this video on social media, and it began to blow up! Clients began to DM me regarding the Sharpe4Life mask to know if I would have them for sale on my website. The truth is that it was a gift from my “cuz” to cheer me up and get under my skin a little by making it a surprise! The request about purchasing mask from me kept coming, and the attention that I got in public when I wore my Sharpe4life mask was huge. So I decided to write a blog about my experience and share the branding strategies with my fellow Femtrepreneurs regarding turning obstacles into opportunities.

Although we are socially distancing, people still stop to ask me what Sharpe4life is all about. I’m having conversations in Costco and Walmart, to name a few of the places where I received wonderful compliments about my branded mask.

One of my coaching strategies is to turn obstacles into opportunities. In this time of uncertainty, when asked to be responsible for ourselves and be our neighbor’s keeper by keeping each other safe, wearing a mask is becoming part of our daily fabric.  Hopefully, this is only for a short period of time and we can then return to the “new normal” without wearing a mask. Then we can indulge in make-up again— oh how I miss my Mac! In the meantime, Femtrepreneurs, let’s take this obstacle and turn it into an opportunity by Marketing Your Mask and making some cash!

How To Market Your Mask In 5 Easy Steps

Do Your Research- You’ll need to research the best material to use to make your mask. Now that you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you realize that the research is here for you. But you may want to go further to explore other avenues of research to ensure that you are utilizing the correct fabric that will give you and your client’s maximum protection when they wear your mask. The study that I found recommended that a sheet of tightly woven cotton — of 600 threads per inch — plus two sheets of chiffon, made from polyester and spandex, seemed to make the most effective combination, filtering out 80–99% of the particles, depending on their size. They further stated that this combination’s performance is comparable to that of healthcare professionals’ N95 masks.

Other combinations of fabric that perform well, according to the researchers, are tightly woven cotton plus natural silk or flannel and cotton quilt with cotton-polyester batting. The researchers also explain that combinations involving a fabric with a tight weave, such as cotton, and one that can hold a static charge, such as silk, are likely effective because they provide a double barrier protection. Yet they emphasize that for these masks to be truly effective, they have to fit very snugly. So keep this in mind when you’re searching for material for your mask project. Having the right material for your mask is necessary for safety measures and can also be an excellent point when promoting your product.

Decide if it’s a DIY Project/Contract- Some of us have art skills and love a (Do It Yourself) DIY project. If you choose this method, there are a few things that you need to consider. Such as sewing materials and crafts, design, and pattern, packaging, if you’re going to retail, shipping, stock, and online marketing. If you choose to contract out your order, it is a much simpler process. Sewing material, skills, patterns, and design may not be an issue, but you will still need to select your colors, mask design, and other steps depending on what your objectives are for your mask.

Brand Your Mask-Branding your mask can be loads of fun. You have the opportunity to choose your colors, logo, font, etc. What is really fun about this part of the project is that you see a part of your business become alive. And for me, I feel a sense of pride wearing my own brand and a real sense of accomplishment when my clients do the same.

Retail or Promotion Maybe Both- You will make it rain by packaging your mask for retail on your website? Maybe you’ve decided to do a retail and promotion combination for your business by giving away a certain quantity at your Live virtual events and to members of your family and friends. They are willing to help you promote your brand by wearing your mask.

Get Ready To Market Your Mask-When your clients, friends, and family members wear your mask, ask them to send you a picture so that you can share it on social media. Please take photos of yourself wearing your mask and share it on your social media platforms. Have giveaways that include your branded mask. Proudly market your mask online. Wear your brand wherever you go. Have colors to match your outfits, let your mask be a conversation piece on and offline. There is a lot of negativity and mixed messages when you turn on the news and social media regarding mask and so many other issues that we are currently facing. You have the opportunity to change the narrative around wearing a mask and the benefit to you of branding your business. Have fun, ladies and remember to do you and let your brand represent!

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Your Primary Goal in Your Life: Start with Loving You First!

By Earlyn Sharpe

For many women, this is such a foreign concept to love oneself first. Some may even think that it is selfish and not worthy of practicing unless they want to deviate from past generations’ teachings that taught women to settle for the first runner up position and not first place because it’s a man’s world. Many women fought and are still fighting for equal rights for women.

To these femsoldiers, we are grateful daily as they keep pushing the boundaries and screaming in the face of injustices on behalf of us. Today I would like you to take the first step of healing by looking at your scars and being kind to you first.

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It begins with you having ONE THING! In place, while you move through life journey and I call it STANDARDS. Now you may be wondering what is the meaning of STANDARDS within the context of Loving You First. Your STANDARDS sets the level of sound quality treatment that you desire as a woman and is morally correct by every measure.

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Take the first step and set your standards. Put your pen or keypad to work and make a list of your negotiables and nonnegotiable. Be very clear on what you will compromise on and in which circumstance would it be acceptable. Rate it against your value system. What are the things that are dear to your heart that is worth compromising or fighting for every day?

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To help you with this joyous task, put it into categories of the following areas that would impact your life. Let’s build those standards, ladies.

Your mental health— What do you want for you? How would you safeguard you? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your family —  Family first? What does that mean to you? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your friendships — Who belongs in your inner circle? Why? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your career/business — Your Why? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your romantic relationships — Who is your soul mate? What makes that person your soul mate? Your negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your emotions — How do you master healthy emotions? How do you keep you, in-check? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

Your social environment — How would you navigate uncharted waters? What is negotiable and nonnegotiable?

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Maybe you have an area that you would like to add to complete your list. Do not hesitate to make this your own and add or delete what’s right for you. Let me know how it is working for you. Remember to drop me a few lines in the comments as you Start Loving You First. I’ll love to hear from you all.