How To Set Goals Post Pandemic 2022?

Do What You Love and Make Money Doing It!

Many of us were looking forward to the twin year 2020. Oprah announced her 2020 Vision tour, and most industries were booming. Life for most was good. Or so we taught. That was until the Covid-19 pandemic strike and the world as we knew it stopped turning as major media outlets and social media platforms reported the vast level of uncertainty. The tragic story of George Floyd dominated the news headlines as time stood still with no sports, no events, no distractions, and people worldwide were forced to watch and acknowledge the African American horror story playing out in real-time. “I remember!”

Fast forward to life at home. Many people scrambled for toilet paper because they were afraid there was going to be a shortage. They panicked in fear of not being able to clean their bums! Think about that for a moment. Do you feel the fear? Now, this is an excellent problem to have. I think???

They were locked down, not free to leave their home and socialize, creating a vacuum of loneliness. While some were less severe, others had a challenging time, which allowed them to think and reflect on their state of affairs. Covid-19 pulled back the curtain and exposed wealth disparity amongst communities of color and lack of opportunities to create real change. Instead of feeling stuck, it’s a time of reckoning. After all, it’s a time to recognize that you have nothing to lose because all is already lost if you keep doing the same things that will not improve your life rapidly. We’re all in the same storm. But we definitely’ have different boats. If I’m going to keep it real with you, some of us don’t even have a boat. It’s time to change that story. It’s time to start setting goals and planning for 2022. You have no excuse so let’s start today with these simple steps.

Step 1 Reassess Your Priorities

One major takeaway from the Covid-19 pandemic is nothing is secure, especially if you have a job. Now, I understand that many businesses have to pivot and recalibrate to survive, and many did not. But if you had to choose, would you choose the job or business owner? When the dust settles, who is in a better position and has opportunities to make a feasible decision. Here is when you have to recognize there are good problems and then there are PROBLEMS! Take a minute and reassess your life. Journal what the last fifteen months looked like for you. Take a journal and make three columns, one for each month beginning March 2020- May 2021. In the First column, record: What went well: Second column: What did not? Third column: What needs to change? Think health, wealth, and relationships, the three major groups that affect our happiness, mental health, and well-being.

Step 2 Remove Fear

Now that you know there is nothing to fear because we are more than survivors, we can get through anything, even a pandemic. How about thinking about what you really want for your life. That “One Thing” that you think you’ll never achieve. The “One Thing” that you may not tell your friends about because you don’t want to be judged. Take a minute and set your ultimate goal. Begin like this: I want………………………………

Take this goal and break it down into smaller goals. Make them concise and doable in a timely fashion.

Step 3 Recalculate Your Timeline

Before the pandemic, many of us were asleep at the wheel while others had on blinders. Our realities were in plain sight, yet we believed the lie. Work hard for a minimal salary to be deposited into your account. It disappears, but it’s not magic because your unpaid bills are a constant reminder that filter into the next month. And the story continues, but it does not have to for you. You have the power to change your story. The good news is you already know what it’s like to work hard. The discovery and joy in store for you is now you can do it for yourself. Recalculate your timeline by revaluating your priorities and making room for what makes you happy. Think about doing what you love and making money with it by being your own boss.

Step 4 Map Your Action Plan

Words without an action plan are only a dream. When you create a plan with resources, timeline, accountability, and processes, your dream becomes your reality because you’re now ready to take action. When you map out your action steps, it becomes more apparent when you step in and make adjustments and keep moving forward. Remember, the map is not the destination it the vehicle to get you there.

Step 5 Your Bonus Revaluate and Access Your Progress

Within your timeline, be consistent with re-evaluating your progress and adjusting to accommodate challenges to turn them into opportunities to your advantage and benefit. Remember, challenges will arise, which is a teaching and learning opportunity for you to learn, grow and conquer. Let’s do it! Time to Reset! And Set and execute your goals for 2022.

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