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Author: Earlyn Sharpe

I believe it was December 2013 that my friend Brenda invited me to appear with her on the Breakfast Television morning show to discuss New Year’s Resolutions’ hot topic and why so many of us break them in fifteen days or less. It was such an exciting time getting ready for my first appearance on national TV with such an exciting topic during the Christmas season filled with joy for many. Others looked in the rearview mirror and were consumed with disappointment as the year 2013 bid them farewell to prepare for 2014. In these moments of trying to feel better most people make illusive plans that we call RESOLUTIONS, the quick fix that we share with our friends and family no later than December 31st unless someone pops the question to us a little later.

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Many join in on the New Year’s Resolutions delusions and convince themselves that they would lose weight and get fit because they are very serious when they even sign up for a gym membership and they’re on their grind for the first two weeks and then BOOM!!!! They Quit! I’m guilty of this one. The list of News Year’s Resolutions extends to quitting smoking, eating healthier, spending more time with the family, save more and spend less, read more books, change jobs, find a new mate. The list goes on and on… and we quit, quit, quit until December comes around again and start the ritual all over again. This action becomes our annual ritual that most of us are willing participants. Well, 2020 changed the landscape for all of us globally, and if you did not commit to your 2020 resolutions, everyone gets grace this year because of COVID- 19.

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Consequently, COVID- 19 has pulled back the curtain and exposed so many things that are not moving our life forward. It has also informed us of how fragile and beautiful life is and why our energies need to work for us and not against us. With this revelation, let’s CANCEL NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! And REPLACE it with YOUR LIFE PATH.





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The year 2020 is one for the history books. Did you ever think that you would live through a pandemic, wearing cloth face-covering hiding from an invisible enemy? Are you still in shock as you navigate through this unprecedented time? For sure, we are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. While many are struggling to make ends meet, many are doing exponentially well, profiting from this pandemic. Have you asked the simple question HOW? How can one benefit from hardship? It’s simple- these individuals don’t make RESOLUTIONS. To BREAK THEM, they make PLANS TO BUILD THEIR EMPIRE.

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When you have a living plan that encompasses your dreams, goals, and desires built on the premise of you taking massive action, you can pivot from a state of despair to deliverance. How? Because you have the resources, tools, and required skillset that you invested in you for trying times. You also developed ACCESS over the years through your community and networking with like-minded people that help to move you forward. I’m not saying that it’s easy in times of crisis. It never is but do you want to be the one who perished because you did not have a Living PLAN or the one who survived to THRIVE and tell the Story of how hard it was but against the odds, you came out on top.

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Ladies, 2021 is upon us in thirty-one days. I have to ask you this question. Do you have a living plan? If the answer to this question is NO, or you do have a plan and are not sure that it is stable. I invite you to subscribe to my blog, and for the next four weeks, you will receive FREE information that would change your life for 2021 moving forward. You’ll receive directly in your inbox for the next five weeks when posting my blogs on the following topics: the GAME CHANGER for 2021.

December 1st Starting Over

December 7th It’s All About Intentions.

December 14th Reach and Research it.

December 21st Access Granted.

December 28th Ready! Set! Action Plan

We canceled NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS because Femtrepreneurs are MASTER PLANNERS that lead the way in making it happen.

It’s about Health, Wealth, Prosperity=Happiness For 2021 It does not matter if we’re in a pandemic. We Femtrepreneurs are required to live our Best Life. Let’s do it! Ready??? Sign up for my blog today!

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