3 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You’re Feeling Stuck

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Written by Earlyn Sharpe

Feeling stuck right now? Not sure what tomorrow brings because each day has been very trying for you? Wondering how to motivate yourself to move from a place of feeling stuck to making positive things transpire in your life? Things seem pretty uncertain, and this is when motivation can be hard to find. You can achieve whatever you want in the last few months of the year. First, you need to get a little bit of motivation to get you started! So if you’re looking for a sign to get started – read on! Because this is it!

To motivate yourself, you need to play some music that gets you going. For me, it’s Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. For you, it might be a classic like this one by Diana Ross I Will Survive. If you want to get out of your funk and get it together this year, create a playlist that motivates you to get you moving. Music inspires you and makes you get out of bed (or off the couch) and make the magic happen.


I’ve decided to share my motivational morning playlist with you to get you moving and motivated. Turn these tracks on as you’re getting ready in the morning when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or during your next evening celebration. Music in my headphones encourages me to get up early in the morning, show up to my yoga class, and go for a run, even when I’m not feeling like it. My top 10 tracks included the MJ, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Bob Marley, Super Blue, Marshal Montano, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Usher, and Chris Brown. I have also included my Motivational Monday playlist where you will find the motivation that you need to set you up for the week!

According to the Journal of Science, “Focusing on a favorite song, combats de-motivating brain signals associated with fatigue or boredom.” A powerful song can change your mood instantly. Music can be fun and uplifting or comforting and melancholy. In fact, music’s energizing effects come from its ability to engage the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This system’s activation readies the body for action whenever we face a challenge in our environment.”


Still not sure how to motivate yourself to become unstuck? To get yourself motivated, you may need to change how you look at life that happens to you. I know from experience how easy it is to see the glass half empty instead of half full. Especially when I in a hard place. When I don’t have any answers, and the questions are unsurmountable. Mostly when I’m the one asking the questions and can’t see any solution in sight, now, this is when you have to change your thinking and look for the opportunity within the threat to create the magic for you. Only then can you talk yourself from under the covers knowing that something will give because you recognize the danger and is ready to deal with it come hell or high water.

I recommend that you start with whatever is threatening your well-being to function. “Treat it like the threat that it is and seek out the WHY.” Leading you to different channels of opportunity and ways of doing things to neutralize that enemy rising up against you to keep you stuck.

Create a playlist of videos that motivate you. It could be transformation videos or music that make you move and gets you in a great mood. Remember to get up and give thanks with gratitude, turn on that playlist and let’s go.


Did you know, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down correctly?

The first step is writing your goal down. You then take that goal and break it down into “digestible chunks” known as action steps. It’s best to make a chronological list that is time sensitive to each action step. Such a plan creates an awareness within you that holds you accountable to complete each task without stress. If challenges arise, you become curious and not weary, leading you to seek an alternative to keep you moving forward.

This is so exciting because it challenges you to learn and grow as you become better at mastering your craft. In contrast, you are making your MAP manageable by creating attainable goals in a timely fashion. It may be your time, business, women’s health, or relationships you got this!

One prime example of people set lofty goals on broad a MAP and struggles of outright fail are women who give themselves weight loss goals that are not realistic. To lose x by y. Sounds good, right? But it never works because they did not address their mindset, the WHY they are there. The How to- their MAP, that hold them accountable. And they fail to keep a written record of their process. It would be best if you wrote it down weekly. Write it down in a different way, what are you going to do this week? This month? Today?

A planner like the Sharpe4Life Get Stuff Done planner will allow you to track your daily plans and the little ways you’re working towards your goals. It’ll keep you motivated to eat right, work out, drink enough water, stay on top of your savings, and stick to a plan. Coming soon! You’ll find it here and start planning your life correctly.

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