The rebirth of Sharpe4life International took place during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Earlyn Sharpe created the Sharpe Women Facebook group from her kitchen table and successfully launched Motivational Monday as a homespun weekly Live broadcast. She began reaching out to her fan base on social media to find out how they were passing their time during the quarantine period. On the one hand, most of the responses received were questions loaded with concerns regarding wellness and natural health factors.

Her fan base was curiously searching for answers on how to safeguard their mental health and well-being to live happy and healthy during the pandemic. And on the other hand, they were searching for a glimmer of hope, knowing that life may not return to what it was many had financial concerns, and what the ‘new normal’ would look like. Many women shared their concerns citing “how tough it is not knowing how you’re going to take care of your family.” Mainly because the economy is in shambles, and people are losing their jobs. For single moms on one income this is definitely more devastating.

Instead of staying in panic mode, Earlyn decided to seize the moment by coaching women how to turn obstacles into opportunities. Giving birth to the 7 Day Do You Challenge that led to the phenomenal master class webinar series “How to Build Your Empire From the Comfort of Your Home.” A business series that has everything you need to know about starting a business from scratch and launching in 30 days. The Sharpe Women pressed the RESET button and became Savvy Business Babe, Femtrepreneur armed with knowledge, skills, resources, and a mindset that keep these women moving forward through any obstacle because we turn obstacles into opportunities.



Earlyn Sharpe started her first business at 22. Five companies later, coupled with a career in educational leadership that spun 28 years. Earlyn decided to dedicate her sole purpose to working with women just like you. To teach you how to build and scale your business, grow into a phenomenal leader, and earn the income and time that you deserve.

You see, by the time Earlyn reached her thirties, she was already making six figures- and getting there took her less than 12 months. Now she has dedicate her life to teaching women what she has learned so they can follow the same path.

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Sharpe4life Academy

At Sharpe4life Academy, you’ll find the Masterclass Courses, Mastermind for Business Owners, Coaching Programs and Flagship courses that would help you to grow and scale your business from underperforming to breaking profits online.

If you have an idea, passion, knowledge, expertise or a side hustle and is struggling to turn it into a successful business on or offline.  My programs will be the difference maker and what you need to turn your dream into concrete goals that delivers the outcomes that you desire. Which is a successful business that will stand the test of time.


We Made It!

Sharpe4life is a daily women empowerment business and lifestyle site founded by Earlyn Sharpe that covers women empowerment, female entrepreneurship, boss babes, career, relationships, and style.

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